Dave Hanlon


Jon Fishman and Dave Hanlon share a reunion 37 years in the making

2015 Syracuse Jazz Fest Highlights

June 2015 Syracuse Woman's magazine (1st annual men's issue) article about Dave Hanlon

"Dave Hanlon's Cookbook" 1980-Present
1996 SAMMY Award(Syracuse area music awards) Best Contemporary Jazz Band
1999 SAMMY Hall of Fame-C.R.A.C.
2004 SAMMY Award best R & B CD
SAMMY Hall Of Fame Award - 2005
2011 SAMMY Best R & B CD
2011 New York State Most Talented Realtor Award
2013-Classic Drummer Magazine
2014 Rochester Music Hall Of Fame-Duke Jupiter
2015 Studio Jams Most Inspiring Drummer Award....StudioJams.com

Studio Jams:

Videos of Dave Hanlon drumming
Sessions # 53, 57, & 58- 2013
Sessions # 65 & 66-2014
Sessions # 72, 73, & 74-2015
Available at:
Youtube/Dave Hanlon/Studio Jams
available @ Applejazzrecords.com



Dave Hanlon's Cookbook CD's

Dave Hanlon's Cookbook -"HOT & SWEET" - Tasty Tracks Records
Dave Hanlon's Cookbook -"Dig In" - Tasty Tracks Records
Dave Hanlons Cookbook Live from the Dinosaur BBQ - Tasty Tracks Records


Ronnie Leigh Live @ Apple Jazz-2012 release
Greg Hoover-Players & Friends-2011
Lauren Barrigar & Mark Mazengarb-2011
Dave Hanlon's Cookbook- Big Mike's Xmas volume 13, 14 & 15
Smooth C.R.A.C -"All For You" C.R.A.C. Records
Duke Jupiter -"Taste The Night" -Mercury Records
Duke Jupiter -"Band In Blue" -Mercury Records
The Band Played On - 20 Years of Duke Jupiter"-Duke Jupiter Records
Swing Central -"For The Love Of It" -Award Records
Swing Central -"Y-94 Big Mike Xmas Vol #2, 4, 5 & 6 " -Award Records
Charlie Bertini &  Apple Jazz Band -Classic Performances -
Apple Jazz Records
Gregory Simmons- "Signs Of Life"-Apple Jazz Records
Apple Jazz Band -"Apple Sasse" -Apple Jazz Records
Apple Jazz Band -"Acid Dixie" -Apple Jazz Records
CNY Sounds, Vol. 1 -Tracks 1,5 and 9 - Blue Funk Records
Be The One To Make A Wish Come True, with Edgar Pagan & Jimmy Haslip

Funky Jazz Band - 2016
Dave Hanlon's Cookbook 1980 - Present
Apple Jazz Band 1985- Present
Swing Central 1996 - 2003
Duke Jupiter 1977-1980 -Original Rock
CRAC 1975-1977 R&B
Dave Hanlon's Funky Jazz Band 1975
Dove 1970-1974
Various bands in highschool & college
Zildjian cymbal set up of famous drummers
Classic Drummer Magazine- Volume 13 issue 1
Career Highlight:
Co-Clinician with Louis Bellson Los Angeles, California & Syracuse, New York