Ava Andrews


Performed as lead vocalist with Cookbook since 1983
Cookbook- "Hot & Sweet"- 2010
Cookbook- "Dig In" -1994
Cookbook-"Live From The Dinosaur BBQ"- 2003
"Woman In Blues"- 2000
Mark Doyle- "High Hopes"- 2003
Have performed with the following acts;
Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, Woman In Blues Series, James Cleveland, Shirley Caesar, Al Green, Mark Doyle.
" My early experiences and appreciation for music began in Church. This foundation still sustains my love for music. Now we can't forget the people factor. The people who come out and listen to our music, is a big part of Cookbook's longevity. Meeting so many wonderful people, who have enjoyed our music, inspires us with their support"

Syracuse Woman's magazine about Ava